Lightly child, lightly.


Grief is an amputation,
but hope is incurable haemophilia:
you bleed and bleed and bleed.

~ David Mitchell, Slade House


  • Photo: via Mennyfox55. Quotes: Quotes From Books
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  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”


  1. And may we never run out of either ( blood or hope)

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  2. That’s rather a depressing outlook on life. )Hope is incurable haemophilia.) That’s like saying if you keep hoping you’ll eventually bleed out. Sorry. Can’t subscribe to that.

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  3. Grief is sudden…and for me a life long process…for me there was also pre-grief in the loss of who my mother was before…in her journey with dementia and then six months ago from another health issue she passed on…dementia ended up being a gift as in her last two months of life she had no recall of the difficult times but was filled with Joy…
    Hope is always present…and gratitude present as there was
    gain in loving the ones who have passed and being loved by them…
    A person garners their inner strength and lives, life forward building on the love of those who impacted them…
    in other situations when a loved one chooses to leave your life, it is sorrowful…and hope always there… that there will be contact in the future and hopefully a reconnection to build on…if not then a closure…if neither then your left with the cruel sorrow of loss…
    ,Haemophilia and related bleeding disorders such as Von Willebrand Disorder are lifelong chronic conditions for which there are NO Cures…I am so thankful for those who donate blood…the youngest, of my older sisters has Von Willebrand and we’ve almost lost her twice…Her three children also have Von Willebrand…She went through a study at a University Hospital and it was found that she can be treated with DDAVP prior to surgery which helps but still she had major issues and many, many transfusions… she and her children wear Medical Alert Bracelets..Love Each Other Deeply as a last breath has visited Many We Love …and one day we will take our last breath…hopefully without pain, surrounded by those we Love…

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  4. So True…”When someone you love becomes a memory the memory becomes a treasure” don’t know who to credit

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  5. David, I read this when you first posted it, and felt it so deeply I could not ‘like’ or comment amidst the sorrow felt.
    It was if, grief and hope were two fully loaded trains colliding.
    This morning, Hope awakens, even amidst grief and another day awaits me. cheers, my friend. 🙂 Debi

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  6. David, a wonderful post. Grief and hope are inextricably linked, if only we could see it through the mists.

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  7. the blood of hope flows freely and without end.

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  8. Oh, this. This. I’ve always subscribed to the Buddhist idea of hope as a trap, an attachment to a specific future. This does it for me in a big way. Gracias.

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