It Depends? On what?


Source: NY Times Magazine, Sunday, January 31, 2016


  1. Yep 61% sounds about right! “There is a little less conversation, a little more phone” everywhere I look! At home, it’s a BIG fat “NO”.

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  2. I say NO, but have to confess that I have done so when I knew the incoming call was an emergency.

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  3. No, no and NO. Back in the day, we used to let the phone ring during dinner….even before “message machines”. Nothing short of nuclear war is that important, really. And hell, if its nuclear war, you can’t do anything about it anyway. Might as well finish the pasta.

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  4. Peggy Farrell says:

    Definitely no, except for an emergency.

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  5. no

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  6. And so the generation gap increases …

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  7. I still savor looking at peoples’ eyes, not their lids. It adds more to the whole ‘eating together’ experience😉

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  8. n.o.

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  9. Only when I’m eating by myself. Which is most of the time.

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  10. A big fat ‘No’ here as well. We have so few moments in our crazy day-to-day existence that are quiet, where we can actually have a conversation with another, that these times must be savored as much as the food we enjoy. That’s what I’m thinkin’….

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  11. Never understood when I was at a wonderful restaurant and I’d look over and see a table filled with people, from two to ten, all on their phones. Except for the moment when you take the shot for your blog, get off the phone and enjoy your friends, the food and the ambience. I do, anyway.

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  12. “It depends” upon who is doing the checking, doesn’t it?

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  13. Yes: So long as you eat alone.

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  14. Lynn Crump says:

    No. It’s not OK. We cured that thusly. At each meal out, all phones go on the table. The first person to reach for their phone, pays for the meal. Funny how they can eat without their phone now.


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