21° F. Winds from NW @ 17 MPH. Today’s Plans?


Source: Couch day with puppy (via “looking on the bright side“)



  1. Love this. I love how our animal companions tangle themselves up in us, how we adjust and shift to accommodate them. Pretzel Logic.

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  2. yep.


  3. Peggy Farrell says:

    That photo says it all. Stay in, relax with a good friend…..😊

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  4. How *did* you get this photo of my husband and Beau?! 😉

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  5. Splendid! I hope you and Zeke have enjoyed the day ❤️

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  6. Keep warm 🙂

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  7. Perfection!

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  8. Every couch needs a dog. Makes me miss my old hound, and no one loved the futon more than him. He’d give me the “please invite me up” look and nicely take his spot at the far end. Within minutes he’d be pasted to me, his head on my lap, legs out stiff like a dead cow, snoring. Funny!


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