Did you feel this too?


After great pain, a formal feeling comes—

The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs—

In the days after Paris, Emily Dickinson’s poem kept ringing through my mind as I tried to figure out what I felt—and, surprisingly, didn’t feel. I did not, as the facts emerged and the story took its full size, feel surprised. Nor did I feel swept by emotion, as I had in the past. The sentimental tweeting of that great moment in “Casablanca” when they stand to sing “La Marseillaise” left me unmoved. I didn’t feel anger, really. I felt grave, as if something huge and terrible had shifted and come closer. Did you feel this too?


I feel certain that in the days after the attack people were thinking: This isn’t going to stop.

~ Peggy Noonan, Uncertain Leadership in Perilous Times

Image: The Economist


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    I don’t think it ends here either!! Sad …

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  2. I did feel this too.

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  3. And Beirut. And Kenya. And Syria. And Baghdad. And Mexico. Not Paris alone.



  4. I feel like a big black cloud has moved over most of the earth and darker times are ahead.

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  5. I felt that at first. But in the days since, some more hope has come through. Maybe this dark force can be defeated. I try not to get bogged down on the fear mongering, real fear is bad enough. Those who use this horror for political gain depress me but there have been signs that some parts of the world are pulling together to stave off the darkness and that does give me a crack of light to strain to see. For now…

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  6. Love the quote and your thoughts on the Paris crisis David. ❤
    Diana xo

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  7. Brevity is good. I’m sorry for all of us.

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  8. The stories of the community embracing and caring for one another are really encouraging. I try and focus on how I can make a difference here in my world, and believe we all play a part in supporting each other, in times of uncertainty.

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  9. i think we have to work towards the positives once again, helping, kindness, reaching out, caring, compassion, and after a while, we’ll find that we’re there.

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  10. Yes, the same feeling I had when “God Bless America” was first sung during the 7th inning stretch after the Trade Towers fell.

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  11. Wow. Yes. So well captured, unfortunately….

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