Peace for Paris (Thank you Rachel)


  1. May peace prevail now and always. Hugs, Barbara

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    We are all Paris, we are all Beirut, we are every one that is terrorized no matter how, we are everyone that is wounded and hungry, no matter how or why, we are all our sisters and brothers everywhere and we will still stand for Peace.

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    Peace for Paris, peace from terror. Free people everywhere, and our leaders, must address the war of terrorism that is breaking out across the globe. I’m afraid we have refrained from seriously thinking and speaking about the terrorism problem because of honest concerns about religious freedom and profiling. We must find a way to reconcile our value of religious freedom with our value of peace. Religious freedom does not include the freedom to wage a war of terrorism against the world.

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  4. Such devastating news. How can humanity have advanced so far in so many ways and yet be sliding backwards so quickly?

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  5. Horrible news. Feeling sorry for the victims. If it is not arrested its going to happen in some other place, anytime, anywhere.

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