no cows to milk


Sometimes you wake up at four in the morning
with all this energy and no cows to milk.
So you just have to get up and
figure out what it’s there for.
Use it or lose it.
If you’re lucky
some part of you will know what to do,
but it’s not the part that thinks its steering.
Make sure you have your notebook and a pen.

~ Abigail Thomas, Thinking About Memoir

Photo: Anne with Where My Deepest Dreams and Desires Are Hatched


  1. i can really identify with this. i live it often –

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  2. I understand this in theory. And it’s beautifully written.

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  3. :: Love ::

    During my recent visit to the family farm, I really felt the time difference (I’m on East Coast, and they’re in Mtn time) – so I was literally up with the roosters – cattle lowing – birds singing. I didn’t write – I walked – and breathed – and smiled. Divine! MJ

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  4. Me, this morning. I mended my underwear.

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  5. All this energy … and no cows to milk! THat is priceless – have to remember that line. THanks!

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  6. I wake up at 4am. Often. But missing is ‘all that energy’. It’s a good thing for the cows that there are no cows for me 🙂 But, yes, I always keep a notebook handy. In pretty much every room of my house. And, my car.

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  7. I blame it on my ancestors, who were dairy farmers. Always up in the dark in the a.m. Damn cows !! ☺

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  8. where is all that energy! and may I have some? I do arise at 4am so I’m good there 🙂

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  9. I never have any cows to milk…haha!! 😀 Wish I woke up feeling like that every morning…oooh…the things I could get done, might even find a cow to milk!! 😉

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