Perspective (noun): An Anvil Dropped On Your Head.


It was 11:30 am this morning.
A bruising day and still on the wrong side of noon.
A meeting. A call. Another call. Another Call. A meeting. Another meeting.
And triple tasking, banging out emails during calls and reorganizing tomorrow’s calendar.
Then, a break in the storm.
Get off your a**.  Now!  Take a walk. Sitting is killing you. And if not that, the urine backup may get you first.

I grab my smartphone and scan the subject headings of my personal emails.
Half way down my in-box, my eye catches text in the subject line: “live and learn suggestion.
All in lower case.
The antennae clicks up a notch.  High probability of spam soliciting SEO help or telling me my blog sucks and I need professional help.

My thumb slides up to the DELETE key.

For those that follow along with my previous posts, I have shared the struggles with my left eye in No more tears. Here’s to good to outcomes, and here in Mondays, Miracles & Musings. And for more on the origin of the suffering, I need to read.

So, enough with the preamble. Here’s the email from “K” in the Midwest:

I’m a relatively new follower of your Live & Learn efforts and am greatly enjoying them. One request: when you publish one that is largely graphical like I believe “My Monkeys” is, would you post a short description of it so that those of us who are blind can also enjoy it? I’d be glad to beta test a description in case you’re thinking “don’t know how much to describe…” kind of thoughts. Thanks for considering this request.

No Words.

Full Stop.

Art: Francoise Nielly


  1. No words, either.

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  2. oh what a good chuckle! I thought it was just my blog that sucked!! David, great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Yup, that will stop you in your tracks and cause you to take inventory.

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  4. Christine gaze says:

    I needed this reminder of gratitude today. Thanks, Dave.


  5. instant perspective slam.

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  6. Love these people who show up in our lives and rattle the cage a bit. Great example of perspective. This post led me to the earlier ones about your own eye issue – how I’d missed those is beyond me but that is not the point. The point is I hope you’ve found some relief in the time since.

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  7. Happy you didn’t act on the impulse to delete…Thanks for sharing.

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  8. I believe there are angels all around us, in many different forms, ready, willing and able to give us a good smack upside the head when we need it. Hope today is a bit less frenetic pal, and even if it isn’t, that you carve out a bit of ‘me’ time. So very important….

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  9. How cool is it that your blog touches so many? I love it.

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  10. Wow…reality check. Perspective…indeed !

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  11. Love that K has the courage to speak up … and you have the courage to share! Thank you David for being authentic and true.

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  12. One can never second guess where, when or to whom the life-ripples we generate are going to caress and go lightly…

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  13. I would say, A perfect Day!

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  14. Hahaha! Thats great! So how will you describe Lucy, with her wild eyed and redheaded desperate look of self-realization?
    And what a great exercise, a brief description of the graphic.

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  15. Oh the lives you touch, David. A new challenge for you. 🙂

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  16. Attraction indeed ha. Most of the time you get the good, kind ones who think you are pretty amazing! Nothing wrong with a suggestion every now and then … : ) Keep nurturing those eyes, our sight is precious.

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  17. Full stop is right! I kinda got tears in my eyes at the humble request! We forget and take our senses for granted. I try to caption my photos, so “readers” can pick those up. We had to do this for website development at my former job just for this reason to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

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  18. I dont know if you have a FB page or are able to see this, but I thought it might be of someinterest to you and this post. Apparently FB is working on a program to automatically do what our friend is asking you to do. To describe for the vision impaired a posted image using Artificial Intelligence. Just thought I would throw this your way.
    Hey Dave @ Live&Learn!


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