Saturday Morning


Maybe we will wake up to the silence
of shoes at the foot of the bed
not going anywhere.

— Richard Siken, excerpt of Dots Everywhere from War of the Foxes



  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  2. Looks like it may have been a wild, Friday night?

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  3. Not the happiest thought this morning that’s for sure!

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  4. The quiet delight in not ‘having’ to go anywhere – except and until we’re ready. Love the absence of ‘have-tos’…

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  5. my favorite kind of have-tos!

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  6. and that’s the best kind of day –

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  7. Please let this be a dream!

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  8. I like to wake up early…life has no holidays 🙂
    Sunrise must be seen..everyday//

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