Sunday Morning


These are natural arches, holes in the rock, windows in stone, no two alike, as varied in form as in dimension … formed through hundreds of thousands of years by the weathering of the huge sandstone walls, or fins, in which they are found. Not the work of a cosmic hand, nor sculptured by sand-bearing winds, as many people prefer to believe, the arches came into being and continue to come into being through the modest wedging action of rainwater, melting snow, frost, and ice, aided by gravity…

Standing there, gaping at this monstrous and inhuman spectacle of rock and cloud and sky and space, I feel a ridiculous greed and possessiveness come over me. I want to know it all, possess it all, embrace the entire scene intimately, deeply, totally, as a man desires a beautiful woman. An insane wish? Perhaps not — at least there’s nothing else, no one human, to dispute possession with me.

~ Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire



  1. have written a poem,i started writing before a couple of days,will you take a look…


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    It’s Sunday morning …. Awesome view to wake up to!

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  3. WOW!

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  4. He captures completely the scenes he sees and presents them to us as presents.

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  5. gentle love
    of SE Utah
    & it’s fragile
    desert beauty 🙂

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  6. amazingly beautiful –

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