It never happens like that

What I failed to mention, however, was my recent worry: As a writer, I have mistaken how to use words. I write too much. I write like some people talk to fill silence. When I write, I am trying through the movement of my fingers to reach my head. I’m trying to build a word ladder up to my brain. Eventually these words, help me come to an idea, and then I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite what I’d already written (when I had no idea what I was writing about) until the path of thinking, in retrospect, feels immediate. What’s on the page appears to have busted out of my head and traveled down my arms and through my fingers and my keyboard and coalesced on the screen. But it didn’t happen like that; it never happens like that.

~ Heidi Julavits, The Folded Clock: A Diary

Notes: Author Bio: Heidi Julavits.  Photo:


  1. so nicely expressed… it never happens like that… Thanks and Love, nia

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  2. Love this one. It explains a lot. The ladder to my brain keeps collapsing too often.

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  3. Too funny. I do the exact same thing. Sometimes it takes me several paragraphs to get into a natural rhythm, but once I get there I am off to the races.

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  4. somehow it all gets jumbled together and somehow shakes out into a piece of written work.

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  5. This happens to me too. ♥

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  6. Great comment. I think most writers work like that. That’s why the first draft is 200,000 words and the second draft is 121,000.

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  7. I don’t know why she thinks she’s mistaken. This is the process. Unless she *expected* the words to be perfect at the get-go. Silly girl.

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  8. Agree with Sandy Sue…that seems to be the exact process. Thankfully. ☺

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  9. It always happens like this.

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  10. I think when my mind is present and still, I write with flow, and I find I edit less this way. 🙂

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