Courage. No. Excuse me. Real Courage.


The most beautiful flowers of courage
are not seen in the showy,
loose petalled bouquets of our leaders,
enormous gardenias perfuming whole banquet rooms.
No, they are blossoms like this:
a child-sized young woman with a homely face,
alone on a seat on the city bus,
eyelashes thick with mascara,
lipstick smudged onto her small, determined mouth.

~ Ted Kooser, July. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book

Image Source: Ziemowit Maj


  1. Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage last night. How many others exist without the publicly, the support of the public, the power of celebrity?

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  2. Indeed…indeed..

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  3. Everyday acts of heroism are all around us if we look.

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  4. Yes! Beautiful reminder.

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  5. And sitting in the seat next to her is Fear. She knows it and recognizes it. It takes courage to be present to our fear.

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  6. Yes! I’ve never been a fan of those strongly perfumed gardenias.

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  7. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    A belated thank you for all my birthday wishes! I flew to NY the next day and caught a terrible bug/sinus infection. Finally went to the clinic there as I was afraid I would be able to do my book event otherwise.
    Finally back home, enjoying the comfort that one only finds in their own quiet, joyful home.
    Do you know a/b my debut novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador”? A young American woman goes to war-torn El Salvador:
    The video my husband made for my novel. He wrote the music too!


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