This is faith. This is spirituality. (God or No God. My Truth.)


Those who are proud of what they create, and who help others through it, should count themselves lucky, for this is the seed that grows the vine that traces the path that takes each of us on a spiritual journey with no end or resting place, a journey that can only be guided by the faith and can only lead to the flood of light at the final interruption of our life’s journey. Our hands and minds, legs and mouths, eyes and ears, arms and feet were all made with purpose, and though you may never find that exact purpose, it is your obligation to yourself and God to search for it, and to search endlessly for a perfection that, though you will never achieve it, you must seek. This is faith. This is spirituality.

— Scott Avett, “My Search For Truth”




  1. Amen! to this brother. 🙂

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  2. The creator is within… and remembering is all it takes.. Have a good day!

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  4. This is not my definition of faith or my spiritual journey, but I can appreciate it. I have different obligations to myself and the world, and the seeking of perfection isn’t one of them. Truth, though, that I *can* chase.

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  5. It would be easy to judge this perspective as it isn’t my own. I admire his explorations and his thinking about art and spirituality
    “So with art and spirituality, I see parallels. Both are misread, both are distorted, both are exploited for money, both are misunderstood and misused.”
    Interesting share David – thanks!

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  6. i love this quote and the avett brothers are my favorite band.

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  7. A nice thought on a morning when many of us used to be in some sort of church. 💕

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  8. Much wisdom in this post. God gives us each a gift of life. Our gift to Him is found in how we live it.
    Scott, our obliged effort in the “endless search for perfection,” is achieved. For those who persevere in that efffort to the end of life will hear the words that confirm perfection has been achieved;”Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into the kingdom of your Heavenly Father.”
    Saint Paul’s final words were: “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” Each of his statements places great value in effort.
    All who enter Heaven must be perfect. All of us can eventuallly be perfect in our effort.

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