If I like something, I like it a lot. (Simpatico)


My friend Denise tells me somebody told her, “Shopping is despair,” but my daughter Jennifer says, “Shopping is hope.” Hope gets out of hand. One turquoise ring from eBay is not enough. I must have five. A single secondhand Coach bag is not satisfying – I bid on seven. As I have implied, one is not a concept I understand. When I smoked I smoked three packs a day, when I drank, well, let’s not get into that. If your psyche is a balloon animal and you squeeze to eliminate the cigarettes and whiskey, the crazy has to go somewhere. A friend’s mother ate nothing but clams for six months. Morning, noon, and night, nothing but clams for six months.  “I don’t know what it is – I can’t seem to get enough of them,” she told her son. He shakes his head, but i understand. I eat nothing but broccoli for a month, then yogurt for six days, then (for one glorious week) lamb chops. One day I roasted a chicken and had seven chicken sandwiches before nightfall. If I like something, I like it a lot. Just one doesn’t cut it. I don’t know what it is I can’t get enough of. At least I don’t have shopping bags full of duck sauce.

~ Abigail Thomas, Thinking About Memoir

Photo Source: weheartit


  1. what a beautiful picture…

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  2. Look at her eyes
    like a dream in sight
    her fingers loves the paint
    there is so much color
    and life
    she must be an angel
    without wings 🙂

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  3. Hmmm, interesting. Must think. More coffee….

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  4. “the crazy has to go somewhere”. Wish I’d said that. ☺

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  6. the craziness has stopped here for a rest–waiting for it to go away…………..

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  7. I understand her issue completely. I really like dishes….I own quite a few of them…I periodically have to give sets away…. in order, of course, to make room for new dishes….

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  8. the addiction of modern society – we are all guilty – life is stuff apparently

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  9. Too bad she got her nice rings all full of paint. I suppose that’s how it is when you have a passion for something – you just go for it and worry about the consequences later.

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  10. Don’t get me started on chocolate. One piece is never enough.

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  11. I ask myself this question often, “What is enough ……..(clients, money, shoes, friends, fill in the blank)?

    That’s a great picture–there is never enough paint!

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  12. Oh how I love it. I too get into a – whatever you call it, but I refuse to call it a rut – and get hooked on one wine, or one cocktail, or one concoction of a a meal or snack…and let it run it’s course. So often I hear myself say..oh, I wish I’d bought 5 of these (shoes, pants, socks..whatever!). I get it 🙂

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  13. i completely understand this.

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  14. Yes!!! Don’t ever be embarrassed to love something with your whole being!

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  15. Thats what I look like after I paint!

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