Breathe it in, pass it on


I breathe in the soft, saturated exhalations of cedar trees and salmonberry bushes, fireweed and wood fern, marsh hawks and meadow voles, marten and harbor seal and blacktail deer. I breathe in the same particles of air that made songs in the throats of hermit thrushes and gave voices to humpback whales, the same particles of air that lifted the wings of bald eagles and buzzed in the flight of hummingbirds, the same particles of air that rushed over the sea in storms, whirled in high mountain snows, whistled across the poles, and whispered through lush equatorial gardens  . . . air that has passed continually through life on earth. I breathe it in, pass it on, share it in equal measure with billions of other living things, endlessly, infinitely.

~ Richard Nelson, The Island Within

Notes: Quote: Whiskey River. Photo: Ted McBride in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.


  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx ♣ xoxo

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  2. What a fabulously evocative passage, pal! I love this gentle reminder that we are but a strand in this shimmering fabric called life….

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  3. I have been in such a state of high anxiety lately – your post was a gentle reminder. Thanks David.

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  4. Alex Jones says:

    A reminder that everything is connected in some way.

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  5. sharing…………

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  6. I just came back from Alaska–it is a magical place! I ate salmonberries off the tree (never had even heard of them before), watched harbor seals fight for space on a buoy, saw and heard the humpback whales and so much more. Yes, we all breathe the same air, yet the air in Alaska is fresh, crisp and clean.

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  7. Love this David! ❤
    Diana xo

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  8. Just beautiful. I’m breathing deeply … sharing that air, now 🙂

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  9. oh, i would love to be in this spot, just for a moment even –

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  10. Inspiration. Literally.

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  11. Looks like Forks, WA.

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