Aye Aye

This idea is simple.
We’re updating the guidelines to add:

“Avoid gratuitous negativity.”

Critical thinking is good; shallow cynicism, on the other hand, adds nothing of value to the community. It is unpleasant to read and detracts from actual work. If you have something important but negative to say, that’s fine, but say it in a respectful way. Negativity isn’t the problem–gratuitous negativity is. By that we mean negativity that adds nothing of substance to a comment. This includes all forms of meanness.

~ Sam Altman, New Hacker News Guideline @ Y Combinator Posthaven



  1. May I add my voice to the chorus! Waaaayyy too much gratuitous negativity these days, particularly online. Soul-killing….

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  2. So true. Negativity for the sake of negativity sucks the life out of a room and everything in it!

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  3. It’s just too easy to hide behind anonymity..getting so ugly out there. We need to pull it back somehow. ☺ Van

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  4. Negativity saps energy and destroys creativity, therefore needs avoiding. Have you noticed that negative people are often disappointed people who are jealous of others’ successes?

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    • Yes. And that’s exactly what the author shared:

      “The human trait of being unhappy with other people’s success is something we’ve all felt and should all try to avoid. Similarly for piling on to others’ mistakes. These things feel good in the moment, but they’re harmful and lazy. HN is a community of smart people. Let’s all apply our smartness to *not* being like that, and see what new and interesting things emerge.”

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  5. I so agree with this! Many of the commercials on TV are so negative. Just last night I saw the ad for … I don’t even remember what brand it was … potato chips. I was so focused on the little girl was who waved her potato chip back and forth to mesmerize the guy sitting across from her on the train, obviously wanting a chip. She waved the chip back and forth like a pendulum and then went too far so that his head (following the chip) would smash into the train window. What do we learn about ads like that? To me it simply says we are raising a generation of nasty little girls. Do we really need more of that kind of thinking?

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  6. As it is often said: “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”-Oscar Wilde

    I suppose he best be kept on the finance committee.


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  7. We are exactly what we think we are, no more and no less. I choose to think good thoughts and ignore any negative or toxic energy, people or nonsense. I choose to trust GOD for all things as I am in no way smart enough to figure life out with help. Great post, very inspirational! Melody

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  8. g.n. is but a waste of time and energy

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