A ‘Good Morning’ you can actually feel vibrating in your chest

My favorite sound is the gentle rumble of an elephant greeting. It’s a very low “brrrmmmbrrrmmm.” A large component of that rumble is infrasonic — below the range of human hearing. It carries quite far. And if an elephant is close to you, you can actually feel it vibrating in your chest. It’s just the most relaxing, gentle and friendly sound.

Cynthia Moss, a wildlife researcher and conservationist who has spent more than 40 years living with and observing elephants in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Botswana.


  • Source: NY Times: Cynthia Moss
  • Note to Self: Some day, if we’re not careful, this sound and this incredible creature will be gone. And what a monumental loss to this planet it will be.


  1. How cool is that ??? Van

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  2. Oh dear David, this is amazing, how beautiful… I close my eyes and as if I am there… This is so beautiful. Thank you, have a nice sunday, love, nia

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  3. David: on my several visits to Africa this is exactly the feeling one gets as the elephant herd is nearing. Somehow scary and soothing at the same time. When we meet I will tell you my elephants at midnight true story.


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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I love elephants! Would love to wake up to that sound ….

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  5. Me, too, Dr. Rex, me, too!!!

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  6. Ha Ha! I usually hear something similar periodically through the night David. I don’t think it’s elephants, but it could be my husband snoring. 🙂

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  7. I love it, I wish I could hear the out-of-range part. ❤
    Diana xo

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  8. wow –

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  9. Oh yes. I’ve felt that vibration. A few times far too close for comfort.

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  10. Awesome! You have such diverse and interesting posts!!

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  11. For all that we know, there are twice as many things we cannot fathom. This sound is so elemental, so visceral, so soothing. Elephants are such magnificent creatures. The thought that we may wipe them out one day in the not too distant future makes my heart ache. Fascinating, pal…

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  12. My dream is to experience this for myself in the wild. Bucket List.

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  13. Me too Sandy. Me too.


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