The New York City-based artist, Sean Yoro, who goes by Hula, produces hyperrealistic murals of woman from his paddle board. He’s seen bobbing along the current, one hand steadying himself as he adds fine details and decorative tattoos to the ladies’ skin. Hula paints his subjects at the water’s edge on unassuming concrete walls. Part of their heads and shoulders are shown, but the rest of them seemingly exists below sea level. It’s as if these larger-than-life women are taking a leisurely dip. Their placement also has a mirroring effect and allows their portraits to extend beyond the wall. On the water, they appear in an opposing style – fractured and abstract. Hula grew up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and spent a lot of time on the water.”

Be sure to check out his portfolio of work at Hula.com or on Instagram.

Source: My Modern Met




  1. WOW!

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  2. You only live once, but you can rejoice every moment. I rejoice that you introduced Yoro to me today, David.

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  3. Christie says:

    Amazing! Thanks for the introduction.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome art … great talent!!

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  5. Wow. Talk about a challenging canvas.

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  6. Great work!

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  7. What fabulous creativity…

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  8. That is so incredibly awesome! His canvas is inventive and so is his transportation to work.

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  9. You know me — I love unique art like this! I will research more of him! His pic in the water reminds me of the Giant Mermaid Statue taking a bath in the German Lake (http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/08/07/giant-woman-sculpture-makes-waves-in-german-lake/) back in 2011, Strangely compelling.

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  10. that is so cool )


  11. Wha? Wha? Let me try it again:


    This time with no parentheses — which I can hardly spell —

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  12. Wait — that link stinks — I didn’t see the pic either. Here — try this one — it’s even better —


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  13. You beat me to these David. They were on deck for posting at Eclecticity Light. But I still will eventually. Good catch. E.

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