This way. This way.


I follow the sound
past a black window
where a bird sits
like a blacker question,
To where? To where? To where?

~ Li-Young Lee, from “Furious Versions,” in The City in Which I Love You

Credits: Poem Source: metaphorformetaphor. Image: Nini Poppins


  1. Where to?…. a 0700 flight to Cincinnati, that’s where to.

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  2. to my quiet place.

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  3. Forward, onward.

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  4. When the deer came to eat my garden (before I had to put up a fence) I used to consider putting up a big arrow pointing to my neighbours, with the words “Free Lunch” under it. 😉

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  5. Christie says:

    Wordsfromanneli, 🙂 I totally love your thought. I too live among the deer & feel that the deer look at my yard’s landscape and garden as their own personal Smorgasbord. The turkeys, moles, raccoons are present in the garden. The black bear and mountain lions thankfully are mostly elusive..when out walking though, you have to be mindful of the cougars that might be lurking.. in town two years ago they had to trap some cougars and unfortunately euthanize them, they were killing backyard chickens and entering a well visited park. So many different landscapes around this world we live in…

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  6. The beauty is each of us on a certain level can direct his or her own destination. A blessing many are unaware of.

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  7. Christie says:

    The poem and the image made me think. for me it said a lot and sparked my wonder…
    He appears to be both on a solo journey of investigation in the world as well as an inward struggle within the inner landscape of his mind…
    I wonder if the sound is a ‘dark’, frightening sound that draws him to investigate as the light in his world is passing into the in-between of ‘dusk’?
    The spider is ‘black’ and a lone widow
    Is it a ‘black’ bird that sits and watches?
    :”A’ blacker ‘question?” Perhaps he is at an emotional, crossroads – lost and he is lamenting over which way to go when he sees little light ?
    “To where? To where? To where?”
    I say he must stop along his, perhaps difficult path of discovery long enough to splash some cold water on his face, breath deep, and courageously journey into the unknown because he must keep moving forward until he see the light of hope…
    All of us have had moments where taking a Risk causes a time of contemplation…being cautious and mindful can prove to be very prudent. Life isn’t always easy and if one allows the dark times to Overtake then the Joy is Not Seen and Not Experienced… the lesson is Life is a Journey and make the best of what path you take, grow from the degrees of challenge, some of which can seem to be unbearable…and know that time is still happening whether you live in the dark or the light…. keep moving and keep noticing the treasures of the the world around you…the intricacies of a spider, spinning a web and the stillness of a watchful bird are a gift, as is life…

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    • Yes, there is a lot here. A few words, yet much to think about. I reminds me of this quote:

      Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.

      ~ Steve Kloves, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2


  8. Christie says:

    Dave, I like what you quote, “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic” Magic engages the Wonder of Enjoyment & Discovery…there is much power in words…

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