Miracle? All of it. 


“People standing on top of Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. This is Antarctica’s largest ice shelf and is the size of France.” (Photographer: Sue Flood)

Post title inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Source: invisiblestories



  1. Love the vastness of the photo and the scale of the people on the ice–really puts things in perspective….

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  2. oh!

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  3. Alex Jones says:

    A beautiful epic work of nature that will probably vanish in a few decades.

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  4. Incredible image.

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  5. Absolutely miraculous!

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  6. WOW!!! Just incredible!!!

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  7. Christie says:

    The scale so impressive. I rarely watch tv but I caught part of a show on Antarctica’, Sunday night. It was an education. they did speak to the change in the global climate. I didn’t know that Ukraine has a station, there. The beauty of Antarctica is breathtaking..The people who live, work and explore the vastness are adventurous. I don’t know how they handle the cold. Just think about how many different ways people live their lives around the globe…what might be common place to us is miraculous to others and visa vera… for me Life is full of Wonder..sometimes he still calls me the “Wonder Girl” or just plainly “Wonder” 🙂 It makes my Soul dance…

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  8. Beautiful in the photo but too cold for me. Lovely post!

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  9. A fly just flew into my mouth … my jaw was dropped open 😉

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  10. It makes you feel so insignificant against the vastness.

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  11. I hope we (humans) will take care of things so that this magnificent ice shelf will not resemble Lichtenstein any time soon.

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  12. I will choose: as though it were a miracle. 🙂

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