Safely Enveloped: Hummer Rescue

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The Beauty Along the Road

We love to watch the hummingbirds feeding on our porch. The cats watch them, too, but pretend to not be interested as they know the hummers are much too fast for them ….except when they fly into a window and are knocked unconscious momentarily. After the telltale thump against the window, we quickly ran outside, saw the tiny bird on the deck and chased the cats away. My husband picked him up gently and held him in his hands. It was a male ruby-throated hummingbird recognizable by the bright red throat coloring.

groggy hummingbird groggy hummingbird

The cats feigned disinterest but kept watching.

As he protectively held the tiny bird in his hands, the little one rallied a bit

perking up perking up

Soon, he looked alert and was in control of his body again

bright-eyed and upright bright-eyed and upright

In the next moment, he was gone:


Another successful bird rescue! I recently posted about a

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  1. Awww


  2. And the cats say, “Rats! Foiled again!”. 😸

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  3. oh, wonderful!

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  4. So glad to hear the bird survived. Reminds me of my own experience with hummingbird rescue. Check it out if you feel like it:

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  5. So very sweet! ❤

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  6. Loved that. BOOM. Gone.

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  7. Christie says:

    We’ve had a beautiful hummingbird hit the patio door and die. Our daughter, so tenderly touched she couldn’t bare to have it buried – so it ended up triple wrapped and put in the freezer. somehow it gave her comfort.(long ago disposed of) Another time, while hiking with her father they rescued a bird. We took it to the wild life rescue center, it lived. They invited us to visit and allow her because of her tender concern and interest in animals to re-release the bird. They told us they have never allowed a re-lease from someone outside of the facility care givers. Other birds we have taken their have not lived.

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  8. Such a beauty!

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