Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


Federal Recreation Lands Photo Contest. Honorable Mention selection for “Wildlife” by Koustav Maity, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Source:


  1. Let’s hear it for breakfast!! 👍

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  2. I’m up! I’m up!

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  3. feed me!

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  4. So beautiful..

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  5. Great pictures and a new header that matches.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Monday morning … the mom was already up. Here she comes with food for her brood!!

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  7. FAntastic

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  8. this one is really lovely. Nice wake up call.

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  9. Love it!

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  10. On another note …. “It Is What It Is” has been nominated for an award. We would like to pay it forward. Please, know that you don’t have to accept. Know that your work is valued and admired!!

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  11. Wonderful. Vocal harmony.

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