It’s been a long day


I’ve seen what’s to come—
it is the days,
the steady pounding of days,
like gentle rain,
that will be our undoing.

— John Philip Johnson, from “There Have Come Soft Rains,” Rattle (No. 45)




  1. thank you so much for all of the goodies that you have introduced me to in the short time that i’ve been connected to your blog. i am so grateful!

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  2. I read the entire poem and it took me back to the days when we had bomb shelters. Hiding out in one of those did make me feel like one day would be our undoing. Now you hardly see those yellow and black marked buildings.

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  3. I felt sad reading the whole poem. Such stress for those young children. Over time this would have been overwhelming.

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  4. the marking of time.

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