But right now I’m happy, happier, ish


Michael Hainey in an interview with Steve CooganComedian Steve Coogan is Happyish:

MH: If you look at yourself now—a man nearing 50—what would you have said to the young Steve Coogan?

SC: It’s a very good question. Well, I would have… [long pause] aimed higher. I don’t just mean that in a career sense, I mean be better, strive to be better in all things, and work harder, because you’ll find it rewarding. I’d say, Be comfortable with who you are as well, just listen to yourself more. I suppose when I was younger, I wanted to get on and have a career and be successful. And try to be all things to all men. I don’t do that anymore. Now I want to do things I believe in, and have a sort of honesty, in work and in life. When I was younger, I didn’t really want to say anything contentious, because I thought it might alienate people who liked my work.

MH: Is there anything you sacrificed to be in your position that you regret?

SC: In my quest for authenticity and sincerity, I can be a bit annoying. In my quest to try to bring some love into things, I can be a bit acerbic and nasty. I love that quote that Aldous Huxley said at the end of his life: Through all his writing and everything, all he’d learned at the end of his life was that people should just be a bit nicer to each other. I love the simplicity of that. And I do well to remember it. Sometimes I need to just be nice to people. I have been quite driven over the years. But right now I’m happy, happier, ish, than I’ve been before. I’m fortunate in that I can make choices, and I think I try to make the right ones. And I don’t do anything I don’t believe in. And that’ a real luxury.

Don’t miss full interview here: Comedian Steve Coogan is Happyish

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  3. yes, just be nicer to others. and don’t do anything you don’t believe in. yes. yes.

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  4. Christie says:

    I am not familiar with this person, other than what I’ve read in your posting.- He has an honest sincerity, a gratitude, has integrity, is open, transparent and is moving forward in his mature endeavor to a richer fuller, committed life, in which he chooses to be kind. He recognizes that life is a gift……I might have to listen to his speaking voice, intelligent wit and delivery…

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  5. Christie says:

    🙂 thanks. ah, had no idea that he was an actor, I have seen him once before. I loved the movie he co-wrote & acted in, Philomena. Steve Coogan impersonation of Sean Connery is spot on:) Interestingly, enough a Jan 1966 Life magazine my husband bought yesterday and showed me today – the cover has Sean Connery in a wet suit, zipped partly down exposing his chest hmm, yum.. for the “Thunder Ball” movie. How did that still shot pass the censors… .I am sure my Mother thought he was an Adonis at the time

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