A dog’s love

“Heartbreaking photos show grieving Bird and stray dogs attend funeral of woman who fed them.

These heartbreaking photos prove that a dog’s love knows no bounds as a collection of stray pooches pay tribute at the funeral of a woman who showed them kindness. Lying in the floors and trotting through the aisles, the dogs congregated at the funeral of Margarita Suarez – much to the surprise of the woman’s friends and family. Margarita, from Merida in Mexico, frequently took time out of her day to care for stray dogs and cats by giving them food in the morning. She would also take a bag of food out with her during the day, and treat other stray dogs she passed to a tasty treat. Dogs from all around the area would huddle around the caring woman when she passed them by, but they were evidently left heartbroken after Margarita passed away.

According to Misiones Online, the caring woman, who’s age has not been revealed, died after her health took a poor turn at the beginning of March. The family then began organising the funeral but were stunned when animals began arriving at the parlour where her mother’s body was being kept. Workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and said they had never seen them before.

Amazingly, on the day of the funeral, a large number of stray dogs slowly followed the hearse carrying Margarita and even returned to the funeral home. They only left when the body was being prepared for cremation, but not before the family had one final treat. A bird, that was not thought to be native to the area, flew into the service and tweeted away contently. Margarita’s family have told how they believe the animals had an instinct that they wanted to be there to say goodbye to someone who had been so good to them.”


  1. What an amazing story of loyalty and love from those dogs and a bird! A special connection.

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  2. I’ve read many amazing stories about dogs’ loyalty–think about that Akita in Japan who went to the train station every day for years to meet his owner–so I believe, too. 😊

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  3. It might be easier to believe after watching the next video in the cue.

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  4. Can I get past my tears to even consider NOT believing? I don’t think so..

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  5. Beautiful story…and yes, I’m a believer. It would be supercilious to think we’re the only ones who grieve those we loved.

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  6. Barneysday says:

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful story on Easter. Animals loyalties far exceed the human limits, in many instances I believe. Whether true or not is unimportant. Its the spirit of the story that counts.

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  7. Alex Jones says:

    A beautiful story if true, and raises some interesting questions of how such an outcome is possible. I remember reading stories of elephants and bees coming and paying homage to a human who had looked after them who had died.

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  8. Even creatures that are incapable of fathoming the beauty of a sunset, will often respond ,astoundingly, to an act of love that proclaims, “you have worth.”

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  9. they are much more in touch with their instincts and emotions and follow them, with heart and soul.

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  10. I believe… 😦 😦 😦

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