The morning is the best time


The dirt resists you.  It is very hard to make the earth your own.  I’ve done much less to try to make it mine.  All my association with it is a kind of freedom.  Yet it’s hard to live at the ranch.  When I first came here I had to go 70 miles on a dirt road for supplies.  Nobody would go by in two weeks.  I thought the ranch would be good for me because nothing can grow here and I wouldn’t be able to use up my time gardening.  But I got tired of canned vegetables so now I grow everything I need for the year at Abiquiu.  I like to get up when the dawn comes.  The dogs start talking to me and I like to make a fire and maybe some tea and then sit in bed and watch the sun come up.  The morning is the best time, there are no people around.  My pleasant disposition likes the world with nobody in it.

~ Georgia O’Keeffe

Credits: Quote – Thank you Rob Firchau @ The Hammock Papers. Image: Sky Above The Clouds IV by Georgia O’Keeffe from mbell


  1. A gifted artist, but a bit “prickly.” Not surprised that she and Steiglitz ultimately lived hundreds of miles apart…

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  2. The first hour is the rudder of the day…

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  3. sounds like me !!!

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  4. i completely agree with her. the early morning is my favorite time of day, letting it all slowly unfold before me )

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  5. Im always amazed how getting up early changes my day. The peace and stillness of the morning balances my energy 🙂

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  6. Best time of the day. A chance to make amends for yesterday, with the opportunities that lie ahead.
    p.s. Dave I have some new posts out and a couple more by week’s end. Invite you to visit.

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