What a gift: being able to disappear without going anywhere at all.


The process of writing poems felt like a reprieve. Concentrating so intensely on one word and then another and another took me away; so far away, in fact, that sometimes after I finished a poem, I’d sit up at my desk, a bit dizzy. It’d been a blur. What a gift: being able to disappear without going anywhere at all.

~ Saeed Jones, A Poet’s Boyhood at the Burning Crossroads

Saeed Jones was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Lewisville, Texas. He received his MFA in Creative Writing at Rutgers University – Newark. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Western Kentucky University where he won the Jim Wayne Miller Award for Poetry. Recently, his poems “Body & Kentucky Bourbon” and “After the First Shot” were nominated for Pushcart Prizes. His chapbook When the Only Light is Fire is available from Sibling Rivalry Press. He has studied with writers like Tom Hunley, Dale Rigby, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Rachel Hadas, and Tayari Jones. He currently lives and writes in New York City. (Source: For Southern Boy Who Consider Poetry)

Notes: photo credit.  Quote – Boston Poetry Slam


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  2. well said.

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  3. A gift indeed…..

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  4. yes…it is a gift to be lost in one’s art

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  5. Christie says:

    I clicked the link and read the full NYT article:. Contemporary, rhythmic, skillful, mindful & honest. I do not think, Saeed Jones is living on the edge, intellectually, in regards to his writing. I think his gift is a strong, continually, Living Echo to those of us who have had the opportunity to read his words. Imprinted words that forever live in our subconscious…he is “fully realized” so wise and compassionate beyond his years. His solidarity efforts, gives voice to the torment of trauma’s old pain, fresh pain & endured daily discrimination, exposing the human experience of being a witness to & victim of evil & injustice. Hopefully, the power of his words leads many to Seek Needed, Understanding…Thank you, David for the introduction to a young man who writes with honesty and courage, his voice is strong.

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  6. Love the perspective on writing poetry. Look forward to reading Saeed’s work. Thanks!

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  7. “to disapear and not have to go anywhere” Yes this can be such a great place to go. Several words come to mind: peace, contentment, quietness, solitude, …

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