Put Your Heart to Paper

Saying “I love you” is easy. It’s three little words. What’s hard is going beyond that, going deeper than that. Expressing how you really feel. That’s why Hallmark asked real-life couples to answer simple questions about their partner without using the word “love” and captured their comments on video. We found that by removing that one little word, couples revealed how they truly felt and were better prepared to put their heart to paper. Watch what happens when you go beyond “I love you.”

Don’t miss other heartwarming stories at Hallmark: Put Your Heart to Paper

Thank you Rachel


  1. Your best blog ever, David. Nothing left to say, just do!

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  2. I enjoyed this! Would be cool if you checked out my page


  3. :: Love :: and Bob’s laugh is just addictive!! 🙂 what a great couple, wish I knew them personally! ~MJ

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  4. Well, shit.

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  5. That’s exactly how it should be – what a lovely success story!! 😀

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  6. Beautiful capture of an amazing -and real – bond. I like too, the idea of thinking this through with my son and my most loved friends…knowing and expressing what is behind the “I love you”. Moving post in many ways..thank you!

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  7. So achingly sweet. I love Bob’s candor, “There’s a lot of water under the bridge…” Made me think of my grandparents, who were married over 50 years. I used to watch them in utter fascination–they knew each other so well that they could have whole conversations without saying a word. This made my day, pal. Thx….

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  8. Love is not found in the pleasant things that bring two people together, but rather, in the unpleasant things that are unable to separate them.

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  9. I wish everyone could have someone in their life who loves them like these two love each other.

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  10. Oh how gorgeous are they? That’s exactly how everyone wants to feel. Marriage is a beautiful union but there’s a bit of hard work to get there!

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  11. how very wonderful.

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  12. It’s all heart. How wonderful.

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  13. Oh my. Thank you David.

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  14. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Nothing left to say but beautiful.

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  15. I can’t really add anything significant, though I really loved watching this!

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