Lived in the same house all their lives. Neither ever married.



Huffington Post, Heartbreaking Portraits Capture Two Identical Twin Farmers At The End Of Their Lives:

They are identical twins János and István Lukács in 1985. At the time, they were in their sixties.

They worked together on the Hungarian countryside, living in the same house they’d inhabited all of their lives.

Photographer Janos Stekovics followed along while the Lukács brothers accomplished their daily tasks. They’d wake up at four in the morning, tend to the animals until noon when they’d eat a lunch of bacon and bread, and continue working until dinner. They slept in a farmhouse built by their parents, with clay walls and kerosine lamps. Sometimes it got so cold the two slept in hay beds in the barn with the horses.

Stekovics developed a deep reverence and fondness for these brothers of another time, often photographed in matching ensembles from jeans and boots to humongous fur coats. Despite their identical appearances and predilection for wonderfully complimentary poses, the two maintained distinct personalities. As Feature Shoot explained: “Where István was more gregarious, János was more of the silent and stoic type; István preferred to keep the house, and János cared mostly for the animals. Neither ever married.”


Heartbreaking Portraits Capture Two Identical Twin Farmers At The End Of Their Lives


  1. These photos tell the story with an aching

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  2. jackijons says:

    Awesome photos! Love how they capture their personalities.


  3. The photos are great.

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  4. Dignity in labor and the comfort of family. Simple, yet profound. Moving images, though I found the HuffPost characterization of ‘heartbreaking’ interesting. By whose standards?

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  5. Agree with Donna and Sandy Sue. All I see is dignity here…

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  6. Thank you for sharing this David 🙂

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  7. amazing. i’ve always been fascinated by twins and everything around them. this was wonderful.

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