Hump Day HumpBacks

Not exactly. Gray whale megapods spotted in Dana, California. 45 to be exact.

One Word.


And here’s another shot of a gray whale with its calf:


Credits: Video – GrindTV. Photo Source – GrindTV


  1. So beautiful dear David, I watched again and again… Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

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  2. Delightful play on hump day – and what a fantastic video to share! Wow. Indeed.

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  3. I never tire of watching these majestic creatures. And I couldn’t help but notice the dingy that appeared in the background at one point–looked like a toy boat in comparison…

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  4. I’m relieved—comforted—something—to know they’re still part of our world.

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  5. Awe inspiring. Gratitude.

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  6. Happy Hump Day to you David! Enjoy 🙂

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  7. They are beautiful creatures! Makes me want to be one. Happy Hump Day David!

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  8. They certainly are magnificent.

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  9. Christie Annabella says:

    Thank you for sharing, David. Such a Day Brightener for me 🙂 Such miraculous, breathtaking graceful beauty, They possess such intellect, instinct, ability to nurture, they display the importance of community and freedom within their environment. …A treasured memory that will stay with me is 🙂 . ..I had the privilege of watching some whales this past September just barely off shore at Depoe Bay, Oregon (dubbed, the whale watching capital of the world)

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    Wow!! One word indeed!!

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    Amazing Gray Whale megapods caught on video…


  12. stunning.

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  13. A new Hump Day mascot.

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  14. So amazing!


  15. I feel so small against the infinite blue of the ocean and these majestic creatures. I want to be a whale geek!

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  16. Amazing! Awesome! Awe-Inspiring!

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