The winter will fly swiftly


The winter will fly swiftly,
then will be the spring —
think of nothing but hope —
heed nothing but anticipation…

– Emily Dickinson, in a letter to Austin Dickinson, November 16, 1851

Notes: Dickinson quote via Lit Verve. Photograph: We-Love-Rain via Through Dreams


  1. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Love the motion in the pic!

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  2. Hope’ is the thing with feathers—
    That perches in the soul—
    And sings the tune without the words—
    And never stops—at all—

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  3. you are rather optimistic this morning–thanks for parting the clouds on Blue Monday–this is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year according to my Twitter feed

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  4. this is exactly how i have seen this winter. while i am grateful for each day, i already imagine spring.

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  5. Me three


  6. This is symbolic of life. Tomorrow will come…but enjoy today because life is moving along quickly.

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  7. Lovely picture to accompany her words. “Hope is the thing with feathers” is one of my favorite poems.

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  8. Tis a bit dreary here as well, but it will just make the sunshine (when it finally does return) all the more dear, right?! 😉

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  9. Oh, even though I can’t complain being from CA…I wait in sweet anticipation….

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