MM*: A dull ache. A gentle humming.


every now and again,
you will feel a dull ache in your soul.
a gentle humming around your heart.
a longing for something without a name.
if i ever told you to obey anything,
this would be it.

listen to the call of your authentic self.
that part of you that lives just outside of your own skin.
let it have its way with you.

i have died a hundred times trying to ignore it.

~ Mia Hollow



  1. Wow….

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  2. I love this! That is call is one I think is very important. Being your true authentic self is the only way to be I think thought I know so many that are not. I am thinking of someone in particular I said this to not to long ago and he looked at me like I had two heads. Oh well some get it and then some get it later! 😀 Wonderful post!

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  3. Will I die a hundred times more?

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  4. “i have died a hundred times trying to ignore it”. wow! lines.

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  5. yes, wow. I may have to borrow this…

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  6. follow the call.

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  7. Listen in a new way …

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  8. and I have died one hundred and one and still ignore the humming and longing

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  9. love, love this…have to reblog this one!

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  10. Marvelous poem.

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  12. Wonderful.

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    This really resonated with me…

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  15. Amazing. Just sitting here smiling as I read and re-read this over and over. So much in this.

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