The righteous will cross the paper bridge


Remember the story you learned as a child: When the hour arrives for us to proceed to the next world, there will be two bridges to it, one made of iron and one made of paper,” Peretz intoned. His words were heavy, but his voice floated on rings of smoke, a breath of fire and ash that hovered over the room full of Hebrew and Yiddish books, as if waiting to descend and consume them. Der Nister swallowed, breathing in the master’s air. “The wicked will run to the iron bridge, but it will collapse under their weight. The righteous will cross the paper bridge, and it will support them all. Paper is the only eternal bridge. Your purpose as a writer is to achieve one task, and one task only: to build a paper bridge to the world to come.

~ Dara Horn, The World To Come



  1. Love this story, I have not heard of it.

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  2. Loved this book – and Dara Horn – though I have to admit that there are passages I have had to read over and over again.

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  3. Such an evocative thought….

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  4. i really, really love this. and have always been drawn to paper.

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  5. Wonderful for a Sunday morning. Reading this as I prepare to write this morning. Never heard of this before so thanks for sharing. Okay, off I go to build my paper bridge.

    All the Best David – Michael

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  6. The anti-dote to Paper, Scissors, Rocks?

    Love this David, especially the idea that we are reconciling life to death, building the paper bridge as we go. Lovely!

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    • Ahhhh, genius. I never thought about that connection (with paper, rock, scissors)…and given my lack of talent in that sport, I think writing may be less painful. I loved this piece too Debra.


  7. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Cool.

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  8. Ohhhh….very Zen-ish. Especially the last line. I am walking on paper!

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