These feet are bangin’ the floor this morning


Thank you Kurt @ culturaloffeirng



  1. One of the best life concepts I’ve read in a long time. Thanks again, David!

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  2. Smiling. I’m on this Bus daily John. Thanks.


  3. …and then march into the bathroom, look in the mirror and say “here’s Johnny”…

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  4. good to leave an impression, i think )

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  5. Funny

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  6. I LOVED the sound of your feet hitting the floor this morning, David!

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  8. I just kicked the devil out of the way!

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  9. Haha. Definitely the kind of man I’d appreciate. 😀

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  10. Yes! Of course, for you, the devil would say, “oh, crap, he’s up already??”. 🙂

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  11. Very good David!

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  12. that is so awesome….

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  13. I love ruining the devil’s day! Thanks David.


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    This certainly sets the tone for living right the entire day…..


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