A Glimpse of the Eternal

Just now,
a sparrow lighted
on a pine bough
right outside
my bedroom window
and a puff
of yellow pollen
flew away.

~ Ted Kooser, Delights & Shadows


  • Ted Kooser won the Pulitzer prize in Poetry in 2005 for Delights & Shadows.  The New York Times: “Ted Kooser…has a genius for making the ordinary sacred.”
  • Photograph of White Throated Sparrow: Bill McBride 


  1. “a genius for making the ordinary sacred…” That pretty much sums it up. Can’t get enough of this guy…

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  2. Love it.

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  3. Awesome!

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  4. I love birds any time. Oops! I forgot about crows…. Well, most birds.

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    • O crows circling over my head and cawing!
      I admit to being, at times,
      Suddenly, and without the slightest warning,
      Exceedingly happy.

      -Charles Simic, excerpt from “Heights of Folly” +


  5. While away for a few days – I had the amazing moment of parking my chair in the sand directly under a pine tree where it was pointed out to me by a nature photographer with a very impressive camera lens that up in the branches was perched a Bald Eagle chick. I didn’t move (other than my head on a swivel, of course). It was the one time I would have been totally ok if the bird above would decide to do business…

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