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Story at Time Magazine: Never Offline. Image via coverjunkie.com


  1. it scares me.

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    Never offline …… Apple Watch!!

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  3. SO ambivalent about this – as studies show kids becoming less and less able to identify the feelings of others, inter-personal communication declining, etc – all as a result of our fixation with looking down – whether at a phone, an iPad – or a watch. Is it a good thing? Yes in some ways – and no in other ways that are equally important. I guess they’ll develop an app for that.

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  4. NEVER mind!


  5. NEVER mind!

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  6. WMS, WMS!!! I especially like her observation that someone will likely develop an app for that. Frankly, the way we’re trending scares the bejesus out of me….

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  7. Sigh. Whatever. I guess I’ll just close my eyes when that time comes. The beginning of a flat line as the last image is not appealing to me…

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  8. Never say never, but I am not tempted to even go there now. This past March, I purchased my first smart phone, and I do enjoy it when the situation is right, but otherwise, it sits unattended.

    I’d rather gaze out the window than read every tweet coming through the feed. So glad I was born when I was and feel the need to take in the feel and beauty of the world.

    Call me old school, but staring out the window of the car is still more fun to me than even reading a book while traveling (in a car anyway).

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  9. This is one we don’t need.

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  10. This may be a stretch but I recently watched a documentary about Jim Jones and Guyana. People are like sheep, willingly being led to slaughter only waking up when it is too late.

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  11. Ciao from Italy David!

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