And if 2 isn’t enough, double down


And here’s links to 3 more excerpts from Sam Harris’ new book that hit nerve endings:

  • Our needs and desires seem to multiply by the hour.” Connect here.
  • Our feelings of accomplishment remain vivid and intoxicating for an hour, or perhaps a day, but then they subside. And the search goes on.” Connect here.
  • Just keep your foot on the gas until you run out of road.” Connect here.

Photograph Source: YourEyesBlazeOut via Taffynikte




  1. Wonderful post, David! Nerve endings- yes.

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  2. yes to all.

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  3. I ordered the book… 🙂

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  4. The second one hit me square between the eyes this morning – just back from a few days away and so quickly does the clarity start to move into vapors….

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