Monday Morning Meditation: Swim along…


Good news: Our friend Mr. Polar Bear is taking us on a soothing, rhythmic swim in the frosty arctic waters.

Less good news (and defeats the entire zen purpose of this post: Climate change is pulling the sea ice out from under polar bears’ feet, forcing them to swim longer distances to find food and habitat. Long-distance swimming puts polar bears at risk of drowning due to fatigue or rough seas.)

Source: Biomorphosis via Carol @ Radiating Blossom. (Thank you Carol)



  1. beautiful to watch him in motion, and sad to read why he must swim so far –

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  2. Yes, Beth, that’s exactly what I felt….


  3. Just listened to an NPR story on algae bloom in the Great Lakes due to fertilizer run-off! and now this poor bear with less and less ice. When will we learn?,,,,,

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  4. Such beauty and power!

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    Monday, Monday ….. Fala-falalala!!! Have a good one!


  6. What we are doing to this planet is a shame. What our ignorance and lack of leadership is doing is disgusting. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  7. not good.

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  8. No thanks! They bite!

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  9. I see nothing on the horizon in front him and my anxiety appears/rises…just HOW far does he have to swim?

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  10. His rhythm and flow is reminding me of my school times when we used to love going to water parks. A good feeling…

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