Moon Mash-Up. Reader’s Choice.

Here are five (5) separate poems from Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry by Jim Harrison & Ted Kooser that all reference the Moon. All beautiful. All made me think. My favorite: No. 4.

No. 1:

A welcome mat of moonlight
on the floor.
Wipe your feet before getting into bed.

No. 2:

The moon put her hand
over my mouth and told me
to shut up and watch.

No. 3:

A house will turn itself
to catch a little moonlight
on a bedpost.

No. 4:

Scientists say the moon grows 1 ½ inches
farther away every year.
I’ll fight this cosmic terrorism hand to hand.

No. 5:

The full moon often rises
in the wrong place.
Tonight I sense activity up there,
a general unrest.


Photograph Source: gemini-1970 via The Sensual Starfish


  1. No 1 for me…. Did this as a kid 🙂
    The moon is inspiring in many ways!

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  2. That was fun.

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  3. I vote for 2

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  4. number 5 is mine.

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  5. I liked 2 the best…

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  6. I go for 2 and 4.

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  7. Wow, such masterpiece in such un ordinary occurrence … for me no.1.

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  8. Completely enamored of the moon. And it’s #2, hands down….

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  9. All are great, I love #2 best.

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  10. I love them all and don’t want to choose. The moon is one of my obsessions.

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  11. Oh my. The moon and I. #2. and 4. And #3. It’s my special place too. I’ll have them all.

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  12. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    As the moon grows bright in the sky, I’ll take all of these pieces of magic.

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