EXACTLY what I needed to see. PERFECT.


Source: People Were Asked About Their Prime Years, These Were Their Answers. themetapicture.com


  1. Pshaw….


  2. Oh boy!

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  3. I’m sticking with red! We still have PLENTY of time! According to…..


    (let’s ignore the last few paragraphs…)

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  4. I see peeps in their 30’s jumping up and down 🙂
    Interesting survey!

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  5. See that little red string at the bottom of 50-59? That would be me.

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  6. Better than I thought, but too much bright yellow for my total liking.

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  7. Interesting chart. In your prime is a little relative to desire. If one wants to be a great football player his prime ends at a young age. If one wants to be a writer or a doctor they can continue to grow in ability until they leave this world behind. I believe that feeling and acting ones age are different.

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  8. i feel that if we continue to grow, in many ways, that’s what will keep us in our prime, no matter our age.

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