Hit me. Both Barrels.


Source: Ctydweller



  1. I can see that dropping on the floor and me crying my eyes out (or getting down on the floor to lick it up). Or both.

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  2. Oh, DK, DK, DK…,Michael is going to be very unhappy. Me, well, I’m just resigned to the fact that redemption is still a long way off…. 😉

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  3. oh yeah, double or nothing.

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  4. Ooooo yummy!

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  5. Honestly, that is my favorite way to have ice cream – a soft serve that melts down your arm! no scoops or add-ins for me, don’t care if it’s a waffle or sugar cone, just hand me the soft serve and step away 🙂 MJ

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  6. You deserve it after your encounter with the guy and his shoe!

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  7. Good choice!

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  8. Willy Nilly says:

    I would enjoy the coma that resulted from eating that much ice cream.


  9. yes. please.


  10. AH! I miss this kind of ice cream … Nostalgia here. One of my first jobs (at 15) was as a carhop at a TasteeFreez and our specialty was this soft-serve ice cream cone … It’s amazing…the images that flashed in front of me when I saw this picture. I see the Chinese characters (they are Chinese right?) on the menu behind the cones. Isn’t it interesting that a picture of ice cream in a foreign country would evoke strong images of childhood in midwest USA?

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