Feel it…


Source: gaj0romar1ogifs



  1. perfect

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  2. and every sense is instantly engaged.

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  3. Toes in the sand–a wonderful sensation, especially when the sand is cool.

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  4. I do

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  5. Aaaahhhhhhh….

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  6. Mmm…sandy beach on the way to Syringa….low water….lots of silky sand…mmmm….maybe leaving work early today!!

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  7. Timely David!
    Normally I would look at this and remember the pleasures of warm silky sand against my feet at my favorite beach, but…

    This time, fresh in my memory, I felt the pain of da feet from last Saturday, running a 5K that kicked my butt when we reached the 1/2 mile stretch of uphill loose sand.

    But, I know your heart is in the right place 🙂

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  8. let me go to the sand box.

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  9. I didn’t feel it…not even once this summer. Where did summer go anyway???

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  10. Where do you get the pictures from? Beautiful!

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  11. Who needs the beach when we can sit transfixed to a screen and imagine ourselves there …. or not!!

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  12. oh, yes, I can – in my mind’s eye…now that’s some abundant deliciousness!

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