SMWI*: Go Baby, Go!


SMWI*: Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration. Source:


  1. Oh now come on…it’s too early for cross-fit if one is still in diapers..

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  2. Shown up by a toddler. Thanks for that!

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  3. Jeez, babies are amazing. I love those shots of them swimming under water, totally grooving on it an unafraid. We are SO awesome before Life terrifies us.

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    Shared by Live & Learn this morning – a whole new meaning to ‘ah look he’s beginning to crawl’ usually it is parents driven up the wall….

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  5. i would follow him anywhere.

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    Plain awesome …. Cuteness overload!!

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  7. baby has no fear

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  8. Early training. Wow.

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  9. I like Mimi’s comments (both). 🙂

    P.S. If I wouldn’t have read Mimi’s comment maybe I would have said something else. :p

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