Batting .500!


All good on the caffeine, alcohol and exercise fronts! (So sad on the latter)!

Source: The Huffington Post via Ilovecharts


  1. Alex Jones says:

    2 HOURS : stop reading David Kanigan blog, too stimulating.

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  2. My batting average might be slightly better than yours, but the last hour is definitely problematic. I was looking for recommendations on what to do too…the win-win, but only found one: “curling up with a good book and hot milk”. But if I have to turn off my Kindle, I doubt the milk alone will do the trick. Hmmm.

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    • Well Helen, I’m glad your batting average is better than mine. As to the hot milk, I’d consider replacing it with cold milk and dip with chocolate chip cookies. That might do it.


  3. Its unfair it shouldn’t be this way. Why aren’t we like technology? Turn off your mind and you are asleep? Isn’t it cool? But then again this is what makes us human, right? (sigh)!

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  4. So here I am on my computer at 1030pm and hoping to be asleep at 11 – uh, maybe not.

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  5. My husband falls asleep to the TV. Either learn to live with a less than perfect night’s sleep or get a new husband! 🙂

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  6. I’m not sure about this David, sorry to be a little negative, just being a honest here. I’m someone who has suffered with sleep problems since I was a child, and believe me I’ve tried all that good advice and more, it never has the desired effect. I’ve met others who have found the same too. I think we are all very individual, and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I’m sure some people are genuinely better off not eating 2 or 3 hours before they sleep, but for me, I always have to eat something small before I sleep at night because if I don’t I won’t sleep at all. I have no idea if that’s psychological or physical, all I know is it works! And I have a friend who finds exercising before bed helps him sleep, because he finds exercising during the day makes him tired, which is not a good feeling.

    I find there’s so much advice on this subject and all it seems to be based on what experts have been saying for years. I wonder though how many people are genuinely helped by this advice. Most serious insomniacs often feel depressed by this kind of advice, because they no it hasn’t worked for them. I think if it was the answer to a good night sleep for everyone there wouldn’t be so many sleep clinics round the world trying to solve the mysteries to many kinds of sleep disturbances. Some people have disturbed sleep because they’re violent either to themselves or their partners while still asleep and it’s not because they’ve eaten too much cheese late at night and it’s given them violent nightmares. (That was advice I heard when I was a child, cheese will give you nightmares!) Those kind of sleep disturbances are often psychological, but sometimes sadly remain a complete mystery, and the suffering person has to sleep in a locked room in order to protect their family. I guess this will be still talked about in the next 100 years – the mystery of a good sleep is still to be found by many! 🙂 Do you have any sleep problems yourself David?

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    • Suzy, I don’t think you are being negative. I happen to directionally agree. I think we are all wired differently to require different amounts of sleep. That being said, I’m not getting enough. I’m getting less than I used to. I am concerned about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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