SMWI*: It’s easier to work-out with a friend


Notes: SMWI*: Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration. Image Source: gifak


  1. I loved this story! That little guy followed the surfer all the way to the beach – as if s/he was saying bye-bye before going back into the ocean.

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  2. So fun!

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  3. Exactly what I need to inspire me this morning!

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  4. get on board and let’s go!

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  5. Reblogged this on Hadel.

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  6. Adorable.

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  7. Awesome. We all want seal of approval.

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  8. Alex Jones says:

    Nature loves to play 🙂

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  9. So nice they can play together! As much as we complain technology is interfering in our lives, without it, the world wouldn’t be able to enjoy these awesome images. Though why you’d have your cell phone on you while you’re surfing, I don’t know…..

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  10. What an amazing experience! How fun that must have been. Lucky guy.


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