Time to Roll: Head down. Let’s Fly.

cute, adorable,bird,
Baby Owl Learning How to Fly



  1. Incentive to be like this owl on this good happy Thursday morning.


  2. And here’s the pitch…..AWWWWWWWWW baby!! S/he looks do determined which makes this picture all the more adorable..


  3. Oh, this is simply adorable!!


  4. Such determination and concentration. It’s going to be a productive day!


  5. gumption,


  6. Ohhh, I LOVE the intensity and focus. OK, ground is below….check! Wings up…check! Lift off (maybe…) 🙂 And I love that Mimi could give us an “Awww baby.” All is right with the world… 🙂


  7. How bloody cute 🙂 LOve this pic


  8. LOVE!!!!


  9. This adorable little fellow is demonstrating what live & learn really comes down to. You already got a perfect “awww” from Mimi so I’m not going to repeat it. Sorry…aw…


  10. Excellent picture. Is it ok if i use it with a “courtesy from davidkanigan.com” as the caption? Itll be in my personal blog. Thank you.


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