From My Modern Met:

Hossein Zare, is an Iranian photographer. He is an absolute master at creating spectacular photos that depict otherworldly and surreal scenes. Through a combination of photography and digital manipulation in Photoshop, Zare creates powerful images that look as if they come from dreamscapes, with recurring motifs such as ladders that stretch endlessly into the clouds, expansive and barren fields, sprawling cities, and a lone figure wandering through these strange landscapes in search of something.

More of his work can be found here: Hossein Zare


  1. And I suppose one should consider themselves lucky if they get to walk a straight line with no highs or lows for an extended period of time. May your highs always be at the highest elevation – and protracted. May your lows occur only often enough to keep you humble and give your eyes a chance to wash themselves.


  2. looks like a life’s path, shuffling and stumbling along, then the record scratches and the needle jerks and oh! then just as quickly, once again it is set down in it’s place and the shuffling and stumbling returns, head down, waiting for the next seismic jump. his photos are magical and powerful works of art.


  3. I see change. And the lovely bird flying overhead saying “this too shall pass”. And it does.


  4. Alex Jones says:

    Simple profound message. The bird caused me to rub my screen as I thought it was a mark.


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