Blue Bayou


↓ click for audio (Linda Ronstadt – “Blue Bayou”)


Source: Autosafari


  1. A former dentist of mine once stopped his drilling when Blue Bayou came on his background music. He then regaled me with a finger-snapping head-nodding rendition.
    In retrospect, it was an “in the moment” moment.
    At the time, he had my rapt and open-mouthed attention. It was part amazement, dental implements, and novacaine.
    Did I mention this was a *former* dentist?


  2. One of my old favourites, for sure. She has a great voice.


  3. love it


  4. I remember when she sang this on The Muppet Show. In my more delusional moments, I think I sound like her.


  5. Don’t usually have trouble playing these, but the audio is not playing for me David – no sound and doesn’t appear to respond at all. Might be something my end maybe, but just thought I’d mention it.


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