Eat REAL Food


Joe Bittner – NY Times – What Causes Weight Gain?

  • If I ask you what constitutes “bad” eating, the kind that leads to obesity and a variety of connected diseases, you’re likely to answer, “Salt, fat and sugar.” This trilogy of evil has been drilled into us for decades, yet that’s not an adequate answer.
  • Minimally processed plants should dominate our diets.
  • Real food solves the salt/fat/sugar problem.
  • Processed foods — supply more than 80 percent of the sodium in typical American diets
  • Eat real food and your fat intake will probably be fine.
  • Sugar is not the enemy, or not the only enemy. The enemy is hyperprocessed food, including sugar.
  • A large part of our dietary problems might stem from something as simple as the skyrocketing and almost unavoidable consumption of caloric sweeteners and/or hyperprocessed carbs, which are in 80 percent of our food products.
  • Meanwhile, if we had to pick one target in the interim, caloric sweeteners are unquestionably it; they’re well correlated with weight gain (and their reduction equally well correlated with weight loss), Type 2 diabetes and many other problems.
  • Let’s also get the simple message straight: It’s “Eat Real Food.”

See entire article here: What Causes Weight Gain?

Image Credit: Health & Beauty Nut


  1. Real Food! Real Food! Real Food!


  2. Totally agree with this post… 🙂


  3. Not sure why, but these artificial sweeteners have always been a No-No to my way of thinking. They represent pure chemicals that can’t be good for you. Same with coffee whiteners. I’d rather drink coffee black or not at all than put that artificial stuff in it. (In case I sound “holier than thou,” I do have other vices, so I feel I can add my two bits about the sweeteners here.)


  4. so right, and this means i have to make all of my pasta from scratch.


  5. ophelia says:

    Lentil soup! So hearty, so filling, so free from cheese!


  6. Michael Pollan says if you follow three rules, you’ll be OK. They are 1. Eat food (not what he calls ‘food-like substances’), 2. not a lot, 3. mostly plants. Pretty simple, huh?


  7. Another major benefit of eating real food is that it tastes, smells and looks better than prepared, packaged items that have been over-processed.


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