Are you ready to feel it now?

Photo of Harry CHAPIN

Two weeks running.
Every day. Every day.
The commute in. The ride home.
It opens the day.  It closes the doors.
Same tune. One tune.
Over. And over. And over.

[John Waters: “Without obsession, life is nothing.”]

From end to end.
The tune on a loop three to six times depending on traffic.

↓ click for audio (Harry Chapin – “All My Life’s A Circle”)

The Big Gato waits. Crouched.
Tapping his fingers on the seat. Impatient.
Waiting for Chapin to stop jabbering.
And then it comes. 4:30 on the running time.
I crank the volume up.
The dashboard vibrates.
Chapin cues him up.
Michael, the Cellist. Man Singing with Soul.
DK and the rest of the band join him to belt it out to the finish:

All my life’s a circle;
Sunrise and sundown;
The Moon rolls thru the nighttime;
Till the daybreak comes around.

All my life’s a circle;
But I can’t tell you why;
The Seasons’ spinning round again;
The years keep rollin’ by.

Image Source: MTVhive


  1. “……..the years keep rollin’ by!” That was me singing. Lol


  2. What a shame when lives of talented people are cut short. Harry Chapin, John Denver, and many others.


  3. Oh, I like this music. The kind of music that makes my shoulders sway. A true feel good tune. I’d never heard of him so thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. I LOVE Harry!!!
    He came to my High School and performed solo, just him and his guitar. He sang Taxi and when he got to the soprano part in the bridge, he stopped and asked if there was anyone in the audience who could come up and sing the part for him. One of the students from my class went up there and just nailed the part. I will never forget that night.

    He was quite the remarkable guy and very big on the Food Bank, way before I remember it being mainstream.

    Sadly, the day after he was killed driving in his car on the Long Island Expressway, my dad took me to the city to see a Mets game and we drove past the spot where the accident happened. You could see the skid marks where his VW Rabbit had been hit by a semi. Evidently, Harry had a massive heart attack while driving and was trying to get off the road. So very sad.

    You can’t go wrong singing along to Harry.

    Thank you David for remembering him here.


  5. yes, i have loved him since i was a young teen and first wept to taxi. )


  6. Marvelous, David. I wouldn’t have figured you as a Harry Chapin fan. But the most interesting thing is your post quotes both John Waters and Harry! That may be a first! But I can see that listening to All My Life’s a Circle over and over while commuting and blogging 24/7 makes sense. But doesn’t it reenforce the dizziness?


    • Hi Frank. I’m a huge Harry fan. And have to acknowledge that I don’t know who John Waters is…but I love (and believe in) his quote. As to dizziness – lately – vertigo has been a problem. 🙂


      • John Waters — have you Googled him yet David? He is a counter culture figure who has made movies of various kinds — some quite pornographic, many with a homosexual theme. He loves to be outrageous and has said that if he makes his audience throw up he feels he has achieved his goal.


  7. I like that life is a circle, but sometimes I want to get off its cycle


  8. I have this song on my iPod (but not this version which I like a lot better) and play it so often, I think Harry must wonder sometimes – “Really? Again?” “the moon rolls through the night time”…And it always prompts a tear..


  9. Oh, I loved this. All of us opening out mouths and letting it out. We need to get the band back together, David.


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