To come so far, to taste so good

woman-black and white-portrait-ponder

Often a sweetness comes
as if on loan,
stays just long enough
to make sense of what it means to be alive,
then returns to its dark source.
As for me,
I don’t care
where it’s been,
or what bitter road it’s traveled
to come so far,
to taste so good.

~ Stephen Dunn

Credits: Poem – Thank you The Sensual Starfish. Photo by Andrea Tomas via Journal of Nobody
More Stephen Dunn: Is that a Path or a Rut?


  1. A sweetness that comes on loan…how visual. And to think that if one gets to taste it, there’s a piece one can keep, right?


  2. oh. god. this is my life.


  3. I have to steal this poem now.


  4. From last ten minutes I have been thinking what to write as I just couldn’t find a word to express my feelings. From phenomenal to beautiful to wonderful to amazing to magnificent to I am speechless… Just can’t think of any. Umm I am still reading it.
    P.S. You actually made my day: 1. By introducing me to Albert’s letter and, 2. By sharing the above beautiful poem.


  5. grab on to it and hold tightly before id disappears once more. does a fine piece of dark chocolate quality?


  6. Stephen Dunn is a favorite of mine. His “New and Selected Poems: 1974-1994” is never far from hand. He has such a gift for distilling the essence of a moment. Among my favorites from this collection: “Some Things I Wanted to Say to You,” “Corners,” “Happiness,” and “A Secret Life.” Thx for sharing this passage, DK…..


  7. And if we are attentive to our lives, we will get to experience it.


  8. ah, the deliciousness of sweetness when it comes…



  1. […] Thanks to David Kanigan. […]


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